Are you looking to be stretch beyond your comfort zone in order for you to grow personally and professionally? Vanessa Canteberry is a no holds bar Speaker who trained thousands of individuals across the globe. She’s on a mission to educate individuals on the mentality of a W2 mindset.

Vanessa comes from a place of understanding no means “Next Opportunity” in life and business. She has developed programs for individuals and groups to move their entire inner soul to understand their potential within; you have to want it bad enough to go after it. Once you truly grasp the concept that it takes a village to assist you in reaching your goals, allowing others catch you when and if you fall throughout your growing process, but most important helping you to get back on the track to win.

Vanessa understands hardship and poverty on a professional and personal level. Once Vanessa made a decision to embrace her purpose, she unapologetically has written bold books that are relatable and most are afraid to speak about.Vanessa combined her expertise and experience to build several businesses and empowering others to understand there’s a purpose with their name on it.”

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