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There comes a moment when we are searching for a better way to do things in our life and/or business. Unfortunately, most don’t like to ask for help, let alone share a vulnerable side to be judged.

I remember the moment when I was looking for a better outlet of resources due to my circle all was in the same situation, broke, miserably or just complacent to their environment.

After doing the work on me and surrounding my inner thoughts to take risk of doing things differently, my outcome became foreign but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed disconnecting my mindset from the way I was taught and open enough to make the necessary adjustments.

With that being said, many would ask how or where did I start. My answer was my mindset.

These courses will guide you to dive deeper in places and situation you determined to avoid or you did not know where to start.

Take a moment to take notes but at the same time, execute the lessons learned in the courses.

Once you are done, don’t hesitate to reach out and provide your input because your voice matters.


Vanessa Canteberry

CEO of Breaking barriers UNIVERSITY


Let me help you to change your mindset.

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